The ForenScope 4K & Contactless Fingerprint System features revolutionary forensic science technology for latent fingerprint development and provides 100% contactless nondestructive latent fingerprint imaging.  This system includes the 4K Fingerprint System and the Contactless Fingerprint System. The combination of these two devices makes this the most advanced fingerprint imaging system ever developed.

The ForenScope 4K Fingerprint System is a multispectral imaging system comprised of a Windows Surface Tablet with an attached forensic light source ring, filter wheel, adjustable optics, and a 4K video camera sensor. The 4K system utilizes visible, UV, and IR lighting to visualize latent fingerprints on a variety of surfaces. The 4K may be used as a handheld device at the crime scene and in the lab or may be attached to a camera support in the lab. Latent fingerprints require no treatment or development prior to examination.

ForenScope 4K Specifications:

Windows Surface Tablet
• Windows Operating System
• 10” HD Touch Screen
• Lightweight aluminum body
• TIF card support
• 5,000mAh Battery
• Bluetooth and WiFi

4K Software
• Real Time UV(UVA-UVB-UVC)/ VIS / IR Imaging
• RAW or MP4 Video Recording
• RAW or BMP Imaging
• Quick Photo Click button
• Real-time image swipe feature (Auto swipe on white fingerprints
from the black background to the white background)
• Advanced Case and Patient information search and archive platform
• Image archive platform
• Date assignment on images
• Zooming on live image for detailed review
• Image enhancement features
• Convert and save recorded video and images in RAW format and export them.
• Ability to record videos recorded in RAW format in built-in software and save the
photo in RAW format as a new photo.
• Detailed Reporting Feature
• Transfers detailed reports or images via USB or TIF card

4K Forensic Light Source
• UVC Light Group
• UV-IN Light Group
• UV-OUT Light Group
• UV-Pw Light Group
• Blue Light Group
• Green Light Group
• Infrared Light Group
• 13.400 mAh high-capacity lithium battery
• Fast-charging Type-C input.

4K Imaging System
• 16.3 MP, 4K Display Feature UV (UVA-UVB-UVC) /VIS/IR
• Camera Spectral Range 200 – 1100nm ±20nm
• Camera Sensor Number of Effective Pixels: 4655×3515: 16,362,325 (pixels)
• Camera Live Image :1920×1080
• Full HD Picture Size minimum: 4640×3506: 16,267,840 (pixels), 46.5MB
• 4640×3506 resolution BMP and RAW Picture
• 1920×1080 Full HD MP4 and RAW Video recording
• 30mm F3.5 UV lens

The ForenScope Contactless Fingerprint System allows for the rapid visualization and capture of untreated and untouched latent fingerprints from glossy flat surfaces at the Crime Scene or Laboratory.  The advanced mobile axial lighting system features an attached Canon camera.  The ForenScope Contactless provides 100% contact-free latent fingerprint imaging and requires no powders, glue, chemicals, or dyes.  The contactless capability prevents the possibility of contaminating or destroying delicate DNA evidence.  Users may evaluate items for latent fingerprint detail, capture the relevant images, and then process for DNA, digital, or other evidence types without any damaging processing techniques.

The Canon camera is powered by an internal lithium battery while the integrated axial light source is powered by an attached lithium battery.  Each high capacity battery is rechargeable.

ForenScope Contactless Specifications:
• Fast and contactless fingerprint imagining
• Does not require fingerprint powders, chemicals, or glue fuming
• No chance of contaminating or destroying the DNA capability within the latent fingerprint
• Does not affect or destroy the fingerprint or DNA
• Mobile device that is easy to handle
• White, Blue, Green, and Red Lighting
• 4 different narrow band LED groups for high-intensity coaxial imaging
• Easy switching between the LED light groups with control button​
• 32.5MP CMOS (APS-C) camera sensor capable of RAW imaging at 6000 x 4000 resolution
• Fully operational one touch auto focus
• 20,000 mAh plug-in high-capacity lithium battery with fast-charging Type-C USB input